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Japanese International School - International Section

Background and context:

Japanese International School opened on its current site on Tai Po Road in 1997 following the granting of land for the school development by the Hong Kong Government. The numbers of students in Hong Kong was expanding and there was a need for a further Japanese Primary School and an interesting option of developing an international school within the campus was proposed and agreed upon. The school opened with both a Japanese and International section and has steadily grown to a community of around 640 students.

Within Hong Kong there are 4 schools under the auspices of the Japanese Government and these schools are managed by a Board of Directors (Management Committee) which oversees the operation of the schools. They meet to discuss the needs and operations of the 4 schools within the system.

Japanese International School - Tai Po Road campus.

Japanese International School is housed in a large, well equipped campus on Tai Po Road, Tai Po overlooking Tolo Harbour and bordering the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve (photo below). The campus is open, spacious and offers a very high level of facility for the students and community. The campus contains two schools - a Japanese Primary School and an International Primary School which are united under the name of 'Japanese International School'. The staff and curriculum of the two schools are separate but there are many occasions when the students work together and go on excursions together during the school year. As the international section of the school offers both Mandarin or Japanese as  an additional  language to study, collaborations in languages classes are very relevant. The students also have sporting exchanges and invite each other to events within their classes or at lunchtimes during the school year.

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International section staff are English speaking graduates recruited from all over the world and bring with them a wealth of expereince in teaching and learning. The curriculum in the international section of the school is the International Baccalureate - PYP (Primary Years Programme) which suits the very international clientele of the school. Staff are well trained in the use of PYP and are offered considerable professional deveopment opportunities in teaching and learning. The school has been an authorised I.B. World School, since 2007 and is evaluated by staff from Asia Pacific I.B office. The school was recently evaluated by I.B. staff and received commendations in 12 different areas of the school's organisation, management and curriculum. 

Japanese section staff are recruited from Japan and are on a 3 year contract with the Japanese Government to work in Hong Kong. The Japanese section of the school offers English as a language of study, so native English speaking staff are recruted to support these lessons. The curriculum implemented within the school is similar to that used in Japanese Govenment schools within Japan.

Hong Kong Japanese School - Happy Valley campus, Hong Kong

The Happy Valley campus of Hong Kong Japanese School, is a further Japanese-medium primary school which is available to the Japanese community of Hong Kong Island. The students are also offered English as a language of study and native speaking teachers are recruited to work with the students. All other staff members are recruited from Japan by the Japanese Government on 3 year contracts, similar those at JIS, Tai Po. The school campus was extensively refurbished in 2012/3 and is accommodating around 330 students with capability to accommodate more. The facilities have been upgraded and the campus has been developed into an excellent learning environment.

Hong Kong Japanese School - Secondary (Junior Hgh) School - Braemar Hill, North Point. 

The secondary school on Braemar Hill, above North Point is a Japanese medium school utilising a Japanese curriculum for students beyond primary school. Similar to the other Japanese medium schools, there is a strong emphasis on the students gaining a high standard of proficiency in English alongside their studies in Japanese. The school currently has around 250 students in a compact but well equipped campus, with access to the sports facilities next door to the school shared with Chinese International School. Staff are recruited from Japan to deliver the curriculum, with English teachers recruited as native speakers from Hong Kong and beyond.

The four schools work together as a system to offer the Japanese community of Hong Kong and aspects of the International community of Hong Kong an education of positive choice.

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