The Arts at JIS


At JIS we very strongly believe in the power and creative need for a major role in our curricuoum for the arts. We integrate aspects of our scope and sequence into our arts programme but also teach some of them as discrete areas  of learning. Creativity is at the core of all that we do. We want our students to be stimulated by their environment and surroundings and also to be inspired to be creative themselves. Our arts programme involves a range of visual, musical and physical arts programmes wiht students having regular exposure to a  range of learning opportunities.We utilise the I.B. Scope and Sequence as a starting point for our units of inquiry and overall pprogramme but we adapt and devellop these into new opportunities for  learning and performance.     


Our students have access to a wide range of facilities in which to enjoy their arts programme. we maintain a large art  room, music room, gym and large multi purpose room for dance and drama activities. Our  corridors and  classrooms are open and inviting with learning happening everywhere, not just restricted to specific times or lessons. we  run an excellent artist in residence programme which has allowed us to invite a range of artists and students from local universities into the school to work with the students. This programme is an integral part  of our planning for the arts and allows us to go beyond the regular curriculum with our expert support.


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