The teaching staff at JIS are recruited from all over the world and reflect our desire to be a truly international school.

All teaching staff are fully qualified professionals, having gained their graduate status and teaching qualifications at universites all over the world. Recruitment for staff at JIS is done through international and local (Hong Kong) advertising, using local press, on-line agencies and the International Baccalureate (IB) website.
Our staff - student ratio is excellent, and our class sizes are small to allow for maximum learning opportunities. In Reception, Primary 1 and 2 our classes have both a teacher and a full time classroom assistant to enable our children to feel supported as they settle into school and to allow for flexible groupings and differentiation to take place. In P3, P4, P5 and P6 classes have a part time assistant (3 or 4 days per week) to support student learning. Our Japanese and Mandarin language teachers are supported by full time teaching assistants to enable all levels of language to be supported and developed.

Administrative Staff

staff-walton simon
Mr. Simon Walton

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Ms. Sachiyo Miyajima


School Leadership Team

Ms. Cath Wan

PYP Coordinator



TLR 2 

Ms. Glenda Bailie

Student Support Coordinator


 Mr James Appleton

PSPE Coordinator - Student Wellbeing


 Teaching Staff

Merrill Fiona
Ms. Fiona Merrill

Ms. Annette De Thier
Primary 1


Mrs. Nadine Appleton
Primary 2

appleton  james 

Mr. James Appleton
Primary 3


Mr. David Rixon
Primary 4

Ms. Naomi Unrau
Primary 5


Ms. Resham Premchand 
Primary 6

Tseng Judith

Ms. Judith Tseng

Yoneya Yoko

Ms. Yoko Yoneya

Bailie Glenda
Ms. Glenda Bailie
Student Support Coordinator
Wan Catherine
Mrs Catherine Wan
PYP Coordinator

Mr. Jason Chan
Physical Education


Tsui Stephanie

Ms. Stephanie Tsui
Physical Education Coordinator


Tse Jill

Ms. Jill Tse


Mrs. Angie Bilbow

Student Support Teacher


Education Assistants

Ms Janice Tam


Ms. Ruth Beauchamp
Primary 1

Choi Jessie

Mrs. Jessie Choi
Primary 2


Ms Elaine Lee 
Primary 5

Samarasekera Gina

Mrs. Gina Samarasekera
Primary 3

Cheung Ada

Ms. Ada Cheung
Primary 4

 Lau Christine

Ms. Christine Lau
Primary 6
Ichinose Kiyoni 
Ms. Kiyomi Ichinose
Ms. Karen He
 Mrs. Cong Contreras
Library Assistant
 Mrs. Kim Murch
Office Assistant

Lee Wa
Mr. Lee Man Wa
ICT Coordinator


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