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Japanese International School is delighted to be part of the association that opened a new Secondary School in the New Territiories of Hong Kong. ICHK - 'International College Hong Kong', opened its doors to students on 1st September 2009. This was an exciting opportunity for all JIS students and their families. We are also delighted to welcome Mr Toby Newton as the Head of School for ICHK, starting in August 2016. Mr Newton will be a strong guiding force for the school as it continues to consolidate on its successes.

All students at JIS have a guarranteed priority place offer at ICHK, should they complete appropriate application procedures. ICHK has gone from strength to strength and looks forward to a very prosperous future. In June 2014 the first cohort of ICHK students sat their I.B. Diploma examinations and achieved very impressive results which build very solidly on the foundation of the IGCSE results which have continued to showcase the standards that the school is creating. We are delighted that the school has continued to do well, with the students from ICHK achieving excellent academic results and also the school proving its srtudent orientated philosophy is allowing many levels of students achieve great things. The school specialises in developing all apsect of student development with a strong core on fundamental values, alongside and complimenting academic success.


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International College Hong Kong provides full education for JIS students from 4 years to 18 years. The I.B. Diploma is offered to students as a final qualification in year 13 with IGCSE qualifications offered in year 11. During years 7-9 the students build on their inquiry based learning at primary school through integrated learning projects devised by the school to suit their student clientele.

Applications for ICHK may be made by contacting the school on tel: 2655 9018 or by downloading the relevant information from the school website or by contacting the school by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please log on to for more details about the school or arrange a visit to the school, some time soon.

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